Our reason to be in the market
     The Team Service Group was created believing that in today’s market it is necessary a strong integration of synergies to support the customers with integrated services and to satisfy their multiple and ever-growing needs.

     Such a vision of the management has led, on July 2003, to unite in a single structure a crew of different technicians from different fields (civil and environmental engineering, electronics, geology and topography) to provide consulting, both to private and to public institutions, and a multi-functional structure capable of managing integrated projects in complex works and of playing the “general contractor” role.

     Team Service operates in Italy and, in spite of his recent creation, has already provided its services on an international basis. Its headquarters are located in Città di Castello, Umbria, Central Italy. Such a strategic location gives a further advantage to its emissaries, who can operate directly in the whole Central Italy.

     Team Service S.r.l. can also provide a support to the customer’s business, for very reasonable prices and in very short time, being an efficient and well-organized company.
     The operative structure at Team Service Group
      Team Service Group is active in the following fields:

     • Feasibility studies, completed with technical/economical reports
     • Official permissions for projects developments and assistance
     • Evaluation of existing installations
     • Devicing of restoration plans, technological update of installations
     • Detailed Engineering (executive project)
          - civil
          - electric
          - environmental
     • Works direction
     • Coordination of the Safety procedures (494/96)
     • Project management (project coordination)
     • Preparation of the user's- and maintenance manuals
     • Consulting for specific problems

      Team Service Group utilizes constantly updated software systems and working tools, and it's known for its high sense of professionalism, competence and team-spirit of its co-workers, both managers and employees. The Group is composed of graduated professionals who are eager to achieve the highest level on their field and totally share the company's policy. For these reasons the company, even though recently created, exploits highly-skilled working figures and meaningful experiences.

      Team Service S.r.l. is specialized in the petrol-chemical field; resting assured its peculiarity to intervene in the classic project- and works direction steps, it can also serve the customers on:

     • Preliminary surveys of technical/economical feasibility
     • Permission” Projecting aimed to obtain authorizations, permissions and related documents
     • Pre-setting of rebuilding plans – technology and installations
     • Fulfilment of security regulations in the project and execution step – DPR 494 and further amendments
     • Certified surveys
     • Cadastre documentation